"Crescita economica: dinamiche sociali e istituzionali

Economic Growth: Institutional and Social Dynamics"


Working Papers Series

This Working Papers Series aims to facilitate the dissemination of the research conducted by the members of the research group "Economic Growth: Institutional and Social Dynamics", financed by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research in 2005. The series proposes to focus on the complex interplay of institutional and social dynamics as a key to understand the process of economic growth on both theoretical and empirical grounds, and to represent a forum for constructive confrontation of different schools of thought on these topics.


WP 001 Optimal taxation of housing income and economic growth Renato Balducci
WP 002 External Debt Sustainability and Domestic Debt in Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Marco Arnone - Andrea F.Presbitero*
WP 003 Myrdal, growth processes and equilibrium theories Carlo Panico- Maria Olivella Rizza
WP 004 Long-run effects of low-wage countries’ growing competitiveness and exports of manufactures Luciano Boggio
WP 005 The Balassa Index meets the Dissimilarity Theil Index: a Decomposition Methodology for Location Studies Eleonora Cutrini
WP 006 Pasinetti versus Rebelo:Two different models or just one?
Simone D'Alessandro and Neri Salvadori
WP 007 Changing the Research Patenting Regime: Schumpeterian Explanation
Guido Cozzi and Silvia Galli
WP 008 Political dynamics and economic growth Francesco Purificato
WP 009 Role effects in education transmission Valentino Dardanoni - Antonio Forcina - Salvatore Modica
WP 010 The natural environment and economic growth: looking for the energy EKC Tommaso Luzzati - Marco Orsini
WP 011 The Pasinetti’s Structural Dynamics in a historical perspective Mario Pomini
WP 012 The Role of Reciprocating Behaviour in Contract Choice

Maurizio Lisciandra

WP 013 Does economic growth ultimately lead to a “nobler life”? A comparative analysis of the predictions of Mill, Marshall and Keynes

Arrigo Opocher

WP 014 Education, Change of consumer Preferences and growth Renato Balducci
WP 015 Divorce and the Option Value of Marital Search Valerio Filoso
WP 016 Productive Public Expenditure in a New Economic Geography Model

Pasquale Commendatore- Ingrid Kubin- Carmelo Petraglia

WP 017 Environmental Shocks and Feast-Famines Cycles

Simone D'Alessandro

WP 018 Human Capital and Economic Growth: A Selective Survey Thomas Bassetti
WP 019 Human Capital, Trade and Nonlinear Growth Thomas Bassetti
WP 020 Foreign Direct Investment flows and Mode of Entry Giuseppina Talamo
WP 021 Composition of Public Expenditure, effective demand, distribution and growth Pasquale Commendatore-Carlo Panico-Antonio Pinto
WP 022

Policy Coordination in the Euro Area

Carlo Panico and Marta Vazques Suarez
WP 023

Innovation and growth in the Grossman-Helpman model (1991) with strong increasing returns: a critical exercise

Giulio Guarini
WP 024 Distribution of Agricultural Surplus and Industrial Takeoff Ennio Bilancini Simone D'Alessandro
WP 025 Child Mortality Decline, Inequality and Economic Growth Tamara Fioroni
WP 026 Education and Poverty in a Solow Growth Model Thomas Bassetti
WP 027 New Growth Theory and Development Economics. An entry to the International Handbook of Development Economics Heinz D. Kurz and Neri Salvadori
WP 028 Sustainable development and energy trends Simone Borghesi and Alessandro Vercelli
WP 029 Happiness and health: two paradoxes Simone Borghesi and Alessandro Vercelli
WP 030 Paradoxes in the Lucas’s model (1988) with increasing returns Giulio Guarini
WP 031 Social Networks’ Topology, Firms’ Recruitment Strategies and Labor Market Mobility Andrea Mario La vezzi and Nicola Meccheri
WP 032 Patterns of Discovery. A model of inter-sector spillovers Mauro Caminati and Serena Sordi
WP 033 The Pattern of Knowledge Flows between Technology Fields Mauro Caminati and Arsenio Stabile
WP 034 Nonlinear Dynamics inWelfare and the Evolution of World Inequality Davide Fiaschi and Marzia Romanelli
WP 035

Il ruolo del settore pubblico nel pensiero di Minsky

Giuseppe Mastromatteo