"Settori eterogenei, crescita e progresso tecnico Heterogeneous Sectors, Growth, and Technical Change"




Working Papers

Garbellini e Wirkierman, “Changes in productivity and vertical integrated sectors. An empirical study”

D’Alessandro e Fanelli, “The Role of Income Distribution in the Diffusion of Corporate Social Responsibility”

Fanti e Gori, “A two-sector OLG economy: economic growth and demographic behaviour”

Caminati, “A knowledge based approach to collaboration in basic research”

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Freni, Gozzi, Salvadori, “Existence of Optimal Strategies in Linear Multisector Models with several consumption goods”

Bellino, “The Classical approach to distribution and the natural system”

Opocher, “A Dual-Solovian Measure of Productivity Increase and its Early Antecedents”

Salvadori e Signorino, "The classical notion of competition revisited"

Bassetti,  "The demand for skills in the Italian secotrs: are we catching up or falling behind?"

Garbellini,  “Structural Change and Economic Growth: Production in the Short Run — A generalisation in terms of
vertically hyper-integrated sectors”